Textile exports up by 0.67pc in July

 The exports of textile commodities increased by 0.67pc during the first month of the current fiscal year as compared to the corresponding month of last year.

The textile exports were recorded at $1,481.021m in July 2022 against the exports of $1,471.185m in July 2021, showing growth of 0.67pc, according to the latest data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Tuesday. The textile commodities that contributed in trade growth included cotton cloth the exports of which increased by 1.42pc to $181.984m during the July 2022 as compared to the exports of $179.443m last July year.

The other commodities that witnessed growth in trade included raw cotton year, the exports of which grew by 100pc to $1.094m and yarn other than cotton yarn by 17.78pc, from $2.863m to $3.372m.

Likewise, the exports knitwear increased by 10.75, from $.392.711m to $434.926m, tents, canvas and tarpaulin by 32.10pc, from $6.613m to $8.736m, readymade garments by 1.14pc, from $301.153m to $304.575m and other textile materials by 4.45pc, from $57.516m to $60.076m. The textile commodities that witnessed negative growth in trade included cotton yarn, the exports of which declined by 20.59pc, from $89.871m to $71.364m.

The exports of bedwear also went down by 3.35pc from $263.345m to $253.991m, towels by 3.67pc, from $77.818m to $74.965m, art, silk and synthetic textile by 3.54pc, from $32.360m to $31.216m whereas the exports of made up article (excluding towels and bedwear) decreased by 18.45pc from $67.104m to $54.722m.

Meanwhile, on month-on-month basis the textile exports from the country declined by 13.21pc during the month of July 2022 as compared to the exports of $1706.350m recorded in June 2022, the PBS data revealed. It is pertinent to mention here that the country’s overall merchandise exports declined by 5.17pc in July 2022 as compared to exports of July 2021. The exports during the month were recorded at US$2,219m against the exports of US$2,340m in last July.

The imports also declined by 12.81pc to US$4,861m in July 2022 compared to exports of US$5,575m in July 2021. Based on the figures, the merchandize trade deficit declined by 18.33pc by going down form the deficit of US$3,235m last July to US$2,642m in July 2022, according to PBS data.

Source : Textile exports up by 0.67pc in July – Daily Times

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