PEW demands leather promotion for economic growth

The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) has asked the government of Pakistan for the development and promotion of the local leather industry for positive growth on the economy. A request has been made to the policymakers for more relaxations in the taxing system so that Pakistan leather industry could regain its position in the international market.

With raw leather available in abundance in the country, there is a scope for the country to become one of the leading players, Pakistani media reports said quoting PEW president Dr Murtaza Mughal.

Further, Mughal emphasised on the availability of infrastructure facilities for ease of doing business such as skilled labour, power supply at an affordable rate and lower production cost among others. The development of local leather industry will also increase the scope of employment.

“Pakistani leather is the best in the world outside Italy but regional countries like India and Bangladesh are grabbing its share because of active support of their governments. Potential of the leather sector can be doubled in few years regaining the title of second largest export earner after textiles,” said Mughal.


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